Top Air Travel Accessories for Survival

Whether it’s your first time on a plane or you are a seasoned traveler, navigating the airport and surviving the flight can be a challenge. It’s never fun dragging kids, bags, and the therapy dog through customs or running to your gate at top speed because of you forgot to turn the volume up on your alarm last night. There will always be one person from your party that just has to take an emergency bathroom break or they are hungry and are DYING for Starbucks. Even the seasoned traveler will benefit from this list of top air travel accessories. These items will eliminate some of the stress from your upcoming trip!

Twist Memory Foam Pillow

That red eye to London is torturous enough without a decent travel pillow.  Get rid of that old U shaped thing and grab the Twist Memory Foam Pillow. It conforms your body in any way necessary for you to actually get some shuteye for once. This pillow even works as a lumbar or leg support, which will be beneficial when you find yourself crammed into those “cozy” coach seats. It provides custom support so you don’t wake up in pain. The memory foam relieves pressure, providing you with only the best and most relaxing sleep. Don’t hesitate, order this pillow and save your family from your grumpy outbursts in the customs line.

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Passport Wallet

Juggling a passport, plane tickets, your phone and wallet at the airport can be a nightmare.  You have to have it ready to easily get through security and at the gate, and don’t forget customs!  You scramble, searching through the pockets of your carry-on for you passport. Did it fall to the bottom of your massive handbag? Maybe you absentmindedly threw it in the basket of the stroller. Where is it? Now the line is getting longer and people are getting impatient, sighing loudly and complaining. Did they just say final boarding call? WHERE IS THAT PASSPORT?

Don’t let this happen! This handy passport wallet holds everything you need from plane tickets to credit cards and it’s small enough to fit in your back pocket. It is made of leather RFID blocking, which prevents the 13.56 MHz frequency found in credit cards holding all of your personal information, from being stolen. This passport wallet even comes with a pen for filling out that customs form they hand you on the plane. You will never frantically search for your important travel documents again.

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Leather Earbud Holder

How many times have you gotten to your spot on the plane and realized that you are in the middle seat, right between Chatty Kathy and an audible snorer. All you want to do is write a few emails, finish that report and get a few hours of sleep before landing. You stow your carry-on, race to sit down and put your headphones in so you can form a barrier between you and your seat mates, but then you see it. In your hand is a tangled mess of wires and earbuds and you know that this is just enough time for Chatty to start up a conversation about how coincidental it is that you are both from Ohio and the snorer to fall into a deep, enviable sleep.

Don’t get caught off guard again. This genius little product prevents your earbuds from getting into an impossible knot. It is made of sturdy, up-cycled bridle leather. It comes in black or brown and can per personalized with up to three characters. The earbud holder comes attached to nickel-plated steel hardware so you can carry it on a zipper or key chain for easy access. It is stylish, sturdy and convenient and it is a travel must-have.

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Personalized Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are so simple, yet so effective! Never lose your suitcase again (or at least not for long) with these fashionable leather bag tags. They are hand stamped and can be personalized with a number of different designs and fonts. These tags are extremely durable with a reinforced hole and steel cable strap. They are made of Italian leather and are hand stitched by the craft person. Everyone will be talking about your beautiful luggage tags and they are worth every penny.

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Noise Canceling Earbuds

So there you are, waiting for everyone to board the flight, and you spot them, struggling up the aisle. A young mother with an infant and a toddler are squeezing past passengers stowing luggage and taking off jackets, and they are headed straight for you. She is traveling alone with no reinforcements to help with the kids. The baby is already fussing quietly and the toddler is swinging his arms and pushing to get to his seat. They pass and sit in the row directly behind you. The toddler sits down and starts playing a game on his iPad with the volume up as loud as it can go. The infant starts wailing during takeoff and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. There is nowhere to hide on this 6 hours flight.

Fortunately for you, this situation is completely avoidable. You find your leather earbud holder attached to the zipper of your carry-on and unwrap the noise canceling earbuds with ease. The baby and all other background noise is silenced. Now you are free to listen to music or watch a movie in peace. They boast 15 hours of continuous playback and comfortable, interchangeable earbud hooks. These headphones are tiny, sleek and easy to travel with.

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Summing It Up

No matter how often you travel and how air tight your routine is, there are always hiccups along the way. You have no control over the weather, or road construction, or Chatty Kathy. Be prepared for each and every unpleasant surprise. Don’t let lost luggage or lost sleep get in the way of your fabulous adventure. It will make a huge difference in your travel experience and this peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

Bon Voyage!


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