The Top Suitcase Accessories for Travel Survival

Flight over FranceIf you are like me, when you pack for a trip you find the smallest appropriate suitcase and then proceed to squeeze in as many items as you possibly can, causing your bag to look like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey. In your head, this serves two purposes: 1- you create the illusion that you are a light packer and 2- you somehow fit in every item you need no matter what the weather forecast or occasion. This strategy sounds good in theory, but there are always a few hiccups. I’m sure you’ve been in the situation where the love of your life picks up your bag and exclaims “Woah!! What do you have in here?? Rocks??”. This is the story of my life. Another scenario that is bound to come up is when you place your super petite bag on the scale at the airport and the ticket agent proceeds to tell you that you have to pay and extra $50 to check it because it is over the limit- way over.  Have you ever arrived at your destination, opened your bag and realized that, because it was “mildly” over stuffed, your shampoo exploded all over everything?  Hopefully your hotel has a laundry service.

Don’t let this happen again!  This list includes the top suitcase accessories for surviving any kind of trip. The products on it will help you be a safer, more efficient packer, without sacrificing that extra pair of shoes.

TSA Approved Travel Bottles

This nine piece set of travel bottles will save you from a suitcase full of conditioner. They are TSA approved, 3oz containers so there will be no problem getting them through security.  The bottles are leak proof and squeezable, perfect for all of your personal care products. The silicon is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. The flip cap has three plastic layers that no liquid can penetrate, making leaks virtually impossible. They feature a wide mouth design that makes them easy to fill. They also come in a convenient waterproof pouch to ensure nothing seeps through.

For more details or to purchase these bottles, click here.

Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag

These genius waterproof bags protect your clothes from dirt, snags and moisture. They are perfect for travel or even a trip to the gym. The Yamiu travel Shoe Bag can double as a dirty laundry or wet clothing bag, keeping all of your clean clothes just that. They come in sets of 2 or 4, as well as two different sizes. You can get them in a drawstring version or zipper and they are very strong and well-made. Keep your personal things fully protected with these simple, yet effective accessory.

For more details or to purchase these shoe bags, click here.

Digital Luggage Scale

Don’t let over packing weigh you down. This little gadget will save you copious amounts of time, cash, and embarrassment! Weigh your bag before going to the airport and then pair down if you need to.  You will no longer have to frantically redistribute items to someone else’s bag, holding up that mile long ticket counter line.  Paying ridiculous overweight baggage fees are a thing of the past! The stress of an overweight bag can be completely eliminated with this handy device.

For more details or to purchase this scale, click here.

Letsfit Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are always a good idea but the Letsfit locks are one step ahead of the competition. They are TSA approved so inspectors can relock your suitcase without damage. They are ideal for all luggage, lockers and bags and with a three digit combination that can be easily set and reset, they are very convenient. Made of alloy and flexible steel cable, these locks are extremely rugged, keeping your personal items out of harm’s way.

For more details or to purchase these locks, click here.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are so simple, yet so effective! Never lose your suitcase again with these fashionable leather bag tags. They are hand stamped and can be personalized with a number of different designs and fonts. These tags are extremely durable with a reinforced hole and steel cable strap. They are made of Italian leather and are hand stitched by the crafts person. Everyone will be talking about your beautiful luggage tags.

For more details or to purchase these luggage tags, click here.

Well Traveled Toiletry Bag

Gain space in your suitcase with the Well Traveled Toiletry Bag. Its compact size and many compartments make it perfect for shampoo, deodorant, razors, makeup, and more. It is made of high quality polyester, has strong zippers and a handle for hanging in cramped hotel bathrooms. This toiletry bag is water resistant and is even machine washable. Don’t waste your money on expensive dopp kits and toiletry bags. This one will satisfy your every need and help to lighten your load a bit as well.

For more details or to purchase this toiletry bag, click here.


Travel Power Strip

Technology, while changing the way we do things for the better,  has its downfalls.  If you travel with multiple devices, they all need to be plugged in at some point and the hotel never seems to have enough outlets.  From laptops to iPads, phones to e-readers, this charging station can handle it all.   It is compact enough to throw into your carry-on,  yet can accommodate up to three USB devices and three regular outlets.  The extension cord wraps around the outer groove so it doesn’t get tangled in your bag and it offers full protection against short circuiting and overcharging.  Never wait for one device to charge before plugging in another again.

For more details or to purchase this travel power strip, click here.

Summing It Up

Don’t let packing get the better of you. These simple and efficient products will make all the difference in your traveling experience and they cost nothing when faced with the stress of losing your luggage, shampoo bottle explosions, or overweight bags.  If you are still struggling to get everything in, check out The Ultimate Travel Checkoff List. It will help you prioritize what is truly important!

Bon Voyage!


  1. This is very informative on what I should bring with me if I want to travel, especially by airplane. For many new people, traveling can be intimidating. I have experience traveling solo many times, both my plane, by car, and even a couple of times by bus, so I pretty much know much of the drill.

  2. Douron

    I love to travel – wish I could do more of it as many do I guess. I have gone thru a number of bags while travelling, airlines love to ruin them. What do you look for when purchasing really good one that will withstand the way they get treated?

    1. Gin

      Hi Douron, I actually have a list of weekenders that are super durable and stylish as well. When doing research, I live by product reviews. After a while, you get a feel for which brands aren’t going to let you down. I guess I really need to do a full sized suitcase review soon, huh? Thank so much for your comments!

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