The Best Website for Flight Deals: A Review

Planning a trip can be an arduous task. Finding the best flight deals alone can take hours worth of research, accompanied by confusion and frustration. Do you want to go nonstop or will you have to make a connection? Will it be cheaper to leave on a Wednesday as opposed to a Saturday? Should you take a morning flight or wait until the afternoon? Maybe you can save money if you book closer to the trip. Is booking early your best bet? If only there was an easier way to find out about flight deals. All of these questions and more come up while searching for the perfect flight for your next adventure.

There are so many websites that claim to meet your flight search needs. They can be extremely confusing and contain hidden fees. Some go through a middle man instead of directing you to the airline itself, piggy backing off of other flight deal sites. Many sites have complex interfaces and are slow to load, which is not ideal for the perpetually impatient. Although there are multiple less than satisfactory sites to book a flight with, one stands out from the crowd. is the best website for flight deals and you will not be disappointed when you try it.

No Hidden Costs, No Surprise Fees prides themselves on honesty and transparency. Each price includes estimates on taxes and fees so you know exactly what to expect when you finally purchase that ticket. It links you directly to the airline’s website so you can read up on the baggage fees, carry on policies and seat options, which all seem to vary on a daily basis. What you see is what you get and when you are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a trip, you want to know where you hard-earned cash is going.

Clean, Easy To Use Interface

So many websites are cluttered with unnecessary information and ads. There are multiple columns of prices and deals, most taken from other flight deal websites. The colors are all over the place with different fonts and sizes creating a confusing mess of information. Attempting to make sense of what you are looking at is a challenge at best., on the other hand, is clean and uncluttered. It gives you all the information you need in one, easy to read grid. The information is well organized in soft, easy on the eyes, hues which takes some stress out of searching for flights.

Prime Fares & Price Alert System automatically organizes your search results with the best deals on top, which is pretty typical for a travel deal site. To the left, you can narrow your search results by choosing your departure time, number of stops, airline, or trip duration. What sets them apart, is every flight that is available is shown, not just the best deals. If a cheaper flight doesn’t meet your travel specifications, there are plenty of others to choose from. The other great thing about is If you can’t find what you are looking for that day, you can set up a price alert. Just put in your particulars and will notify you over email of any ticket price changes, enabling you to get only the best deal for your flight.

Sustainable Travel | Go Green

Protecting the planet is of the utmost importance for every human being and has made it easier to do your part. To help combat climate change, they have highlighted certain flights with the label “Greener Choice”. These planes emit less dangerous CO2 into our environment.  More than 10 million travelers have chosen these flights specifically for that reason. When traveling for business, even goes as far as buying sustainable aviation fuel, which helps offset any environmental impact necessary to get to their destination. They have made planet earth a priority, creating a better life for future generations. Read more about their mission to do their part here.

Go Anywhere, Anytime With Trip Planner

Not only can you book your flight on, but you can plan your entire trip from hotel to car rental. Don’t know where you want to go? Let them inspire you with deals on exotic local or weekend getaways that the entire family will enjoy. Click anywhere on their interactive map and you are on your way to Tokyo or Buenos Aires, Los Angeles or New York. has already organized the best hotels and flights for your destination and time frame, so all you have to do is book the trip. With a user-friendly interface, planning a vacation can be easy AND fun!

Summing It Up

There are so many flight deal sites out there claiming to give you the best discount. Cut through the junk and go straight to Not only is it simple and well organized, but there are no hidden costs or surprise fees. You can even find eco-friendly flights! How many sites can boast that?

Have you used for planning a trip or booking flights?  Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


  1. Thank you so much! I travel a lot and have just checked it out!! Incredibly helpful.
    It does all the comparison I’m used to do by myself, taking me hours.
    This is going to save me a lot of trouble and time,

    1. Gin

      I’m so glad this helped! I stand by me research, this is definitely one of the best flight searches out there. Feel free to check back any time you need advice or inspiration, or if you have a suggestion!

  2. Dan

    Very insightful traveling getting the best deals without getting taken is always a struggle with and flight travel is no exception. Thanks for the resources I don’t travel that often but when I do nice to know get great place to go for great prices. Thanks for doing the research.

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