The Best Travel Scarf: A Review

Do you have any fun trips planned for this autumn? Maybe there is a romantic overnight excursion to see the changing leaves with that special someone. Maybe you are taking the kids to the country to go picking… apple, pumpkin, you name it, for a few days. You could be going on a Halloween adventure where the ambiance alone will give you goosebumps!  A trip to the beach in the off season is always lovely and quiet, but more importantly,  it’s chilly! No matter what adventure awaits you this fall, there will be a chill in the air and you are going to want to combat that in the easiest way possible.  Jackets are bulky and no one wants to carry them! Your greatest defense against the changing seasons is a travel scarf.

The best travel scarf will be so unobtrusive that you will barely know you have it on, yet, you will consistently feel perfectly warm and cozy. This scarf will be functional as well as beautiful, and may even have a hidden pocket for your valuables or a fun fringe to glam it up in the evening!  It will be large enough to cover all the right places, but light enough to be almost completely unnoticeable. This list of travel scarves will cover all of these important points and maybe even throw a few more perks your way.

Travel ScarfDana Xu Wool Wrap

The Dana Xu wool wrap is a versatile scarf that can be used as a shawl and is even considerable enough to wear as a dress! It comes in eye-catching, colorful patterns that will be the envy of all of your friends and fellow travelers! This scarf is made of 100% fine wool from Australia which makes it warm and cozy without feeling heavy and bulky. The tassels give it elegance and the fabric drapes beautifully, giving even the most casual outfit a little pizzazz. It is perfect for any cool weather vacation.

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Speakeasy Travel Scarf

The Speakeasy Travel scarf is pure genius. There is nothing worse than carrying around a bulky bag while walking for hours through city streets, shoulder aching and the strap slipping off over and over again. This problem is solved with the Speakeasy. It is an infinity scarf that has a hidden pocket that is the perfect size for your cellphone, a credit card or two and your passport. This feature also keeps your valuables safe from pickpockets. It comes in a wide range of colors, prints and fabrics that will complement any outfit and keep you cozy warm during any season. It is a family run company and each scarf is handmade in Cape Cod, MA.  Dump the belly bag and throw the backpack in the closet, the Speakeasy Travel Scarf will give you the freedom you need to enjoy your latest adventure.

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Kooshoo Multi-Use Journey Shawl

This scarf takes the phrase multi-use to a whole new level. It can be configured 12 different ways from a scarf, to wrap to sarong!  It comes in a lovely sea blue print that is hand dyed in Los Angeles. The Kooshoo is made of 100% eco-friendly Tencel that flatters any figure. It is easy to pack and doesn’t wrinkle, making it perfect for stuffing in your suitcase at the last minute. It’s versatility may even lighten your load, eliminating the need to over pack… not that you do that… It is light, comfortable and well-made.

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Mer Sea Classic Travel Wrap

Mer Sea has perfected the classic travel wrap. It is made of light, 100% acrylic and doesn’t wrinkle easily after being crammed in a suitcase for hours on end. It comes in an abundance of colors. This travel wrap can be folded up and used as a pillow on a long road trip, wrapped around your neck as a scarf, or draped over your shoulders, keeping you cozy and warm on a lovely autumn evening out. It is also the best defense against freezing airplane air conditioning. The Mer Sea Classic travel wrap looks chic yet feels like your favorite old sweater.

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The Travelwrap Company

The Scots know blistery, cool weather like no others so it’s no surprise that this is where the Travelwrap Company hails from. Their expertise in keeping toasty shows in their beautiful travel wraps. Each one is made of 100% cashmere and comes in a number of colors, knits and weights. The Peregrine, a personal favorite, is a new twist on the classic, Scottish herringbone design. It is a heavier knit that will keep you cozy on the windy moors of Scotland or when you are winding your way through that “easy” corn maze for the third straight hour.   This beauty is a bit more expensive than the others on the list,  but it will last a lifetime of winters, making it completely worth the expense!

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Summing It Up

Traveling can be stressful and tiring, so it makes sense to take every advantage you can to make it easier. You can readily combat the chill in the air with one of these stunning, snugly scarves. You will not only turn heads, but you will stay warm and content throughout the entirety of your trip. The minor purchase of a travel scarf will enable you to relax, explore and enjoy every moment with your loved ones without feeling uncomfortable. You are making memories, often with some of the most important people in your life, so don’t let that minor irritation get the best of you. Comfort is key and these scarves are one step in the right direction.

Tell me about your favorite travel scarf.  Is there a brand or style that you live by?  Comment below!

Bon Voyage!


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