The Best Lightweight Luggage: A Review

TravelPro SuitcaseHave you ever waded your way through thousands of people to baggage claim and waited, for what seemed like hours, for your bag to come down the shoot, only to find that it had been thrown in one of those big, dirty bins, clothes falling out everywhere, zipper broken and plastic casing cracked. Or, maybe you were late for your flight and you were running down the corridor toward your gate, your carry on trailing behind you flopping this way and that, slowing you down.  That’s right,  instead of finding a suitcase that has solid, reliable wheels and a comfortable handle, you just picked up the first one you could find at a discount store.  Big mistake.

Buying the perfect luggage is key to getting through the airport unscathed. There are so many things to take into consideration, such as weight, material, wheels, size, and if it is TSA approved. It is definitely worth the extra expense if you don’t want it popping open, tearing or getting lost. If you want to ensure a stress free voyage, read this best lightweight luggage review.

Travelpro | Crew 11

Travelpro is a classic, tried and true brand that puts quality first. In fact, it is so reliable, that it is the standard for airline employees. The Crew 11 is no exception. It comes in hard and soft sided luggage, but the soft sided is recommended for its durability and functionality. Color options are limited to blue, black and brown so a really recognizable luggage tag would be smart when trying to identify it in a sea of suitcases at baggage claim. The pros are plentiful. These bags are light, roomy, and come in many sizes. The carry on version fits in an overhead compartment and meets airline standards, and it comes equipped with a power bank pocket and external USB port. The interior boasts many organizational compartments, keeping clothes fresh, dry, and wrinkle free. The wheels use Travelpro’s PrecisionGlide™ System, keeping the bag sturdy with a smooth roll to eliminate tipping and snagging. The material and zipper are rugged and the handle is comfortable and durable. The Travel Pro Crew 11 is a no brainer when it comes to classic, durable, lightweight luggage.

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Herschel | Highland Luggage

Herschel’s Highland Luggage is the perfect combination of style and durability. Whether you are backpacking through Europe or staying in a Luxury Manhattan high rise hotel, this bag is the one for you. It comes in carry-on, small, medium, large and duffle sizes. Each bag is equipped with four sturdy wheels and a strong, extendable, easy to pull handle. This soft sided bag with ample pockets and compartments will keep everything organized and in its place. The color choices and patterns are numerous so you will never have a hard time finding your bag in a crowd. You will not regret this purchase.

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If you are looking for durable and economical, NINTYGO luggage is your best bet. It is constructed of 100% German-made Covestro 3-layer Polycarbonate hard shell that is lightweight and waterproof. It comes in three different sizes or you can purchase a set. Color choices are limited to black, but that can be remedied with a bright, easily identifiable luggage tag. What sets this bag apart is the built in, TSA approved lock, which will deter wandering hands from your personal items. 360° rotating TPE silent run wheels provide a smooth ride and there is a 4-level adjustable flexible handle for even the tallest of travelers. It is equipped with mesh zip compartments to separate your personal items and a luggage-sized laundry bag is included. There’s not much that this suitcase can’t handle.

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The Away suitcase series is perfect for any travel situation. This bag comes in multiple sizes and colors. Its lightweight polycarbonate shell and 360 degree wheels make it great for dragging through an airport or throwing in the trunk of the car for a long road trip. It comes equipped with a TSA approved lock and features beautiful leather details, including a black leather luggage tag. The interior of the suitcase boasts a compression system to help fit everything you desire. There are two compartments, one for clothes and the other for items such as shoes and toiletries.  There is even a separate, water resistant laundry bag. You can’t go wrong with the beautiful luggage.

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Delsey Paris | Chromium Lite

The Delsey Paris Chromium Lite is not only beautifully designed, but has scores of bells and whistles that make this luggage worth the price. Made of 100% polycarbonate, it is impact-resistant, strong, lightweight, and scratch-proof. It comes in green and black and has a Patented zip SECURITECH® zipper that is 41 times more resilient than a standard zipper. The trolley handle and wheels make navigating a busy airport effortless. The checked luggage comes equipped with a patented Overweight Indicator to let you know if your bag weighs more than 50lbs. There is also a TSA approved lock. The carry on version has a large front pocket, featuring a padded sleeve for up to a 15.6″ laptop and a convenient USB port. The interior of each bag contains tie-down straps and one large pocket in the main compartment which expands for those trip where you can’t help but over pack!

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Arlo Skye | The Zipper

Impeccable design and functionality is what makes Arlo Skye luggage worth the expense. This lightweight, polycarbonate sided bag was designed specifically for the over packer. It has tamper-proof double-coil outer zippers which provide elasticity to accommodate those extra pairs of must have shoes! The wheels are quiet and capable, and the handle extends and is comfortable to grasp. It comes in five beautiful jewel tones, making it easy to identify in a pinch. Other features include a leather bag tag, two shoes bags, one laundry bag, and a dust cover. The carry on has a front pocket, rare in a hard sided suitcase, giving you easy access to a laptop or passport. Don’t let the price deter you. This bag is an investment that will last a lifetime.

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Summing It Up

Traveling can be stressful and exhausting. Make your trip a snap with one of these top rated, lightweight luggage options. For more ideas on how to make traveling easier, check out this article on Top Suitcase Accessories for Travel Survival.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Thank you for this excellent post on a number of options for perfect luggage.

    We fully agree that a good luggage is paramount to avoid all the hustles at the airport. And more particularly now that we all have to pay for checked-in luggage, a good carry-on can save you the cost as well as the inconvenience of having to wait at the claim baggage area before you can head out of the airport.

    1. Gin

      Yes, I agree that airlines have gotten out fo control with all of the extra and hidden fees. They change the rules so often that you just deal with it and pay them what they want because you aren’t prepared. It gets old.

  2. A nicely put together article highlighting some great choices for lightweight luggage. Your descriptions of each recommended luggage under-scored the reasons you chose that piece of luggage. I found your links for additional information for each piece to be extremely helpful in evaluating a more detailed presentation of the luggage you described as well as the different luggage offered by that brand. You offer good choices so that there is really no need to look further to find the right luggage to meet the needs of your readers.

  3. I never travel with cargo luggage! I hate both the check-in and waiting for the unloading at the airport. So cabin luggage is the way to go!

    I actually have a super lightweight cabin luggage bag but as you know sometimes you have to put them in the cargo hold when the flight is full on a smaller plane.

    On my last flight, I had used my laptop at the airport and just put it on the top oft he bag when boarding started. I had to give my luggage to the cargo hold and what do you know, there was a huge ding on my laptop! It was either thrown around or something heavy fell on it. Fortunately, it is a cheap laptop and the ding didn’t seem to affect it so I didn’t want to go through the hassle of complaining to the company.

    That’s why I’m searching for a hardcase cabin size luggage to store my valuables even in case they go in the cargo hold. You have a couple of interesting ones I’ll chek out!

    1. Gin

      Yes, sometimes it is worth paying the extra money to get something reliable that will last! I’m glad some of the pieces on the list piqued your interest. I understand not wanting to deal with calling the company. I avoid that stuff like the plague. Feel free to check back any time for more tips!

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