The Best Lightweight Crossbody Bags for Travel: A Review

Imagine that you are in Paris. You walk out of your hotel onto the busy street. It is evening and it rained earlier, leaving the sidewalks glistening with the reflections of the street lamps. Gazing up, you see that the overcast sky from earlier has given way to a beautiful sunset, and there are a handful of stars twinkling in the distance like a scattering of sugar crystals on a dark surface. It is magical. You want to take it all in, not miss a second. You start to meander the Parisian streets, going wherever you please. You walk for hours, not noticing anything but the bustling shoppes, cafes, and patisseries. Suddenly, you are snapped out of your reverie by a distant siren and realize you are lost. You turn this way and that but you don’t seem to be anywhere that you recognize. Your feet are starting to ache and your shoulder is on fire. Why did you bring this cute, yet impractical bag? How long will it take to get back to the hotel? What were you thinking?

I am all for classy over comfortable but when you travel, there has to be a happy medium. A lot of times you are not only carrying your own stuff, but your spouse’s wallet and keys and snacks and water for the kids. It makes sense to have a bag that is comfortable, but can it be attractive too? Yes, it does exist! When traveling you want to find a bag that has a few specific qualities. It must be lightweight and it should have a cross body strap. This will enable you to have both hands free to do whatever you need to. It also distributes the weight evenly across your torso to avoid any unwanted shoulder, neck, or back pain. The strap should be thick and padded and the bag should be big enough to carry the essentials, such as a wallet, keys, passport, sunglasses and a phone as well as a few extras, like a travel scarf, a bottle of water and a camera. This review will give you a few great options for the best lightweight cross body bag for travel. Your shoulders will thank you.

Melissa Button Cross Body by Frye

No one does leather like Frye and this bag is no exception. It is lightweight, simple and elegant. The supple, cognac hued leather looks fabulous day or night. With a 22 inch adjustable strap, it is comfortable to carry for long periods of time and it is just big enough to hold all of your travel essentials without getting bulky and weighing you down. There are two interior slip pockets and one external pocket for easy access to your phone or keys. This bag is the perfect accessory for a long day of sightseeing.

To learn more or purchase the Melissa Button Cross body, click here.

Fossil Maya Small Hobo Purse Handbag

This sporty hobo has a personality all its own! It comes in 8 color options from black to multicolored stripes. It is made of soft leather that gets better with age. This bag has a thick, nylon strap that is removable as well as a shorter non removable handle. The Maya has multiple interior pockets to keep your stuff organized and one outside pocket that is great for the little things you need to access to quickly and easily. It is roomy without being cumbersome and will hold everything you need while exploring the city.

To learn more or purchase the Fossil Maya Small Hobo, click here.

ELEVEN600 Leather Cross Body Bag

This beautiful cross body bag comes in every color of the rainbow. It is handmade of softest, highest quality full-grain Spanish leather. There is no need for maintenance, because has a hydrophobic treatment that repels humidity and helps it to retain its shape. The design of the bag is tailored to the piece of leather it is crafted from, so each is unique. The simple design makes the bag very versatile. The strap is adjustable and there is an option for an outside pocket and zipper enclosure. The Eleven600 leather cross body is stylish and functional and won’t break the bank.

To learn more or purchase the Eleven600 Leather Cross body, click here.

TSD Turtle Ridge Large Cross Body

The TSD Turtle Ridge Cross body is casual, and rugged. It has multiple inside and outside pockets and a thick, comfortable, adjustable strap. This cross body bag is made of washed cotton canvas and 100% genuine full grain leather trim. It is light, roomy and can handle pretty much anything you stuff into it. Whether you are backpacking across Europe or backpacking through the woods, you can’t go wrong with the TSD Turtle Ridge Cross Body.

To learn more or purchase the TSD Turtle Ridge Cross body, click here.

Everlane Form Bag

Soft, sleek and lightweight, the Everlane Form bag is everything you’ve been looking for in a cross body. It is made of Italian leather and holds all of your travel essentials as well as a 13 inch laptop. It has a magnetic closure and an adjustable, webbed strap for comfort. Perfect for all occasions and extremely functional, the Everlane Form Bag is everything you’ve been looking for to survive a long day of touring.

To learn more or purchase the Everlane Form Bag, click here.

Summing It Up

No one wants to walk the streets of Paris carry around a frumpy looking travel bag that just screams tourist. On the other hand, you don’t wan to return to your room at night, back and neck aching, because you insisted on placing fashion above functionality. It is possible to look good AND feel good! This list of cross body bags for travel is guaranteed to get you through your trip pain free and looking fabulous!

Do you have opinions on cross body bags? Is there a brand that you stand by? Leave me a comment! I want to hear from you!


  1. Cathy Allen

    Thank you for sharing this fashionable and practical information with the world. I have never been one to carry a backpack while traveling. I’m the moron who just carries an overstuffed purse. And anything else is carried in my arms or some bag I bought along the way.

    1. Gin

      Ha! I have done my share of carrying the wrong type of bag and it definitely takes a toll! These bags are really great and not completely frumpy looking, which is an added bonus! If you have any other questions or need any advice, feel free to ask!

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