Solo Travel Tips for Women

Athens, GreeceSolo travel is becoming more and more popular among women, and why shouldn’t it? The entire trip is all about you! You do the planning and the decision-making.  No one is there to complain about being tired, bored, or hungry. There is no arguing about which restaurant to go to or how early you must wake up to make a tour group. If you want to sit in a cafe the entire day, sipping lattes and watching people go by, then you can do it! If you want to explore your surroundings by foot, for hours on end with only a break for a quick lunch, no one is there to stop you! You can stay out all night or go to bed early. Solo travel is drama free and a huge confidence booster. You will meet interesting people that you would never have met if you were with a companion. As long as you are safe, there is no reason you can’t have one of the most amazing and rewarding travel experiences of your life. Check out the following solo travel tips for women to make the most of your next adventure!


  • Start Small: It is important to build up your solo traveling experiences. Start small with a weekend away by yourself that is within driving distance. Once you are comfortable with shorter, more local trips, then move on to more exciting, foreign destinations.
  • Trusts Your Instincts: This is so important. Whether you are in a place that doesn’t quite seems safe or you have a bad feeling about the person you just met in the bar, trust your instincts. Do not stay out of politeness. Have an excuse ready about meeting your family or boyfriend. You do not owe anyone anything.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Don’t wear headphones. Stay on populated, well lit streets and if you feel unsafe, duck into the closest populated store or restaurant. Appear confident and try not to look lost or confused. Don’t use public transportation at night.
  • Stay Sober: Know your tolerance level and stay within it. Steer clear of any substance that could impede your judgment.
  • Respect local Culture and Law: Dress appropriately and try to blend in with the locals. Research customs before you go.
  • Hide Your Valuables: Keep important items and documents such as passport, visa, and wallet on your person. Make multiple copies of the documents to leave in your hotel safe as well as with a friend or family member at home.
  • Find Connections: Are you traveling to a destination where you have a distant cousin or a friend of a friend? Seek out people that you can meet up with or pick their brain about their city.
  • Hotel Phone Number: keep the number of your hotel in your phone or wallet just in case you get lost.
  • Check In: Call home, email and update social media regularly so you have a record of where you are and where you are going. Make your loved ones aware of your travel plans and itinerary.
  • Plan Your First Night: Arrive at your lodging during the day and settle in so there are no hitches. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings early on.  Everything is more challenging at night.
  • Keep Details to Yourself: Do not discuss travel plans or accommodations with anyone you meet on the trip. Keep personal details to yourself.
  • Stay Safe: Carry a doorstop to put behind a not so sturdy hotel room door and carry a safety whistle. You probably won’t have to use it but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Ease of Travel

  • Research Your Destination: Listen to podcasts, read books, research online.  Know as much about the culture and environment as possible before you go.
  • Learn Local Language Basics: If you are going to a foreign country, be sure to learn the basics of the language. The locals will appreciate the effort and it will help you feel more comfortable if you can communicate effectively.
  • Pack Light: Pack only what is easy for you to carry and drag around a foreign city, preferably a lightweight carry on. No one will be there to help you with your bags. Neutral bottoms (black, grey, brown) and colorful tops work well and you can mix and match. Cardigans are great for layering.
  • Travel Scarf: A travel scarf is invaluable, no only for cool evenings, but also when you are sitting in front of a blast of cold air conditioning. Some even come with hidden pockets for things like your passport or some cash.
  • Crossbody bag: Crossbody bags are great because they are much easier to carry when you are touring around for hours on end.  They are also safer due to the close proximity to your body.  It is harder for pickpockets to access them.
  • Comfortable Shoes: It is smart to bring two pairs of comfortable walking shoes, one that can be used to dress up a bit, and the other for long days of walking and sightseeing. You will get blisters and your feet will hurt, but if you switch your shoes daily, it will give your toes a much-needed rest from the normal rubbing spots.


  • Top Destinations For Solo Women Travelers: Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, French Polynesia, Ireland, Nambia, Amsterdam, Morocco and Japan are known for their safety and security among solo women travelers.
  • Join a Solo Travel Group: There are many solo travel groups out there that will plan your itinerary and group you with other single travelers. Check out companies like G Adventures for more information on these excursions.

Summing It Up

Have fun and explore on your own terms! Take a break from your phone and social media and absorb the world around you. Take pictures and videos, write and draw about your experiences. Discover new places. Discover yourself! Stay flexible and open minded. Traveling solo is exhilarating and addicting. You may never want to bring along a companion again!


  1. Strahinja

    Thank you for this informative article. I think your advice can be applied to both women and men. There is nothing more important in my opinion than knowing your surroundings.

    Personally, I think it is also very important to stay sober and be careful about who you meet and especially who you meet the first time.

    I am really glad I found your blog.

    1. Gin

      I couldn’t agree more. As I was writing it, I realized that most of the advice is what people should be doing in every day life! I lived in NYC for years and all of these tips come in handy. Thank you for the kind words and check back for more tips and tricks!

  2. Thanks for writing this article. I am going to on an solo trip (within my country) in February and will definitely be taking some of your tips. I am particularly interested in the travel scarf and cross body bag. Do you have any you recommend?

    1. Gin

      Hi! It is so rewarding and empowering to travel on your own! I’d love to hear all about your trip (when you return)!

      As far as the scarf, here is my article addressing just that.

      The Speakeasy is the one with the hidden pocket, but I secretly wish I had the Travelwrap Company Peregrine scarf. It is just a little too pricy for me! Really, though, all of them are lovely and well worth the investment. I got my mom the Dana Xu wrap (in the pic) for Christmas and it is beautiful as well. It comes in so many bright colors and patterns. As you can see, I have a hard time deciding, myself!

      The crossbody bags that I recommend are here:

      In this case, it all depends on your personal style. They are all lightweight with sturdy, thick straps that will be comfortable to carry. They are all stylish in their own way.

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